In recent years rafting on Jiu East has become an increasingly popular sport. Can practice rafting degree of difficulty depending on the season 2-5 on the narrow gorge Jiu. Once properly equipped, under the direction of experts, visitors will go through a portion of the natural reserve Jiu Valley, a wild beauty and undeniable. The route is approx. 30 km downstream and begin alder. Lunch can be done in the Lainici right after the monastery, where we can pant and enjoy hot meals in the gazebo on the waterfront.

Jiu Valley is considered by many the most spectacular rafting area of Romania. The reasons are simple: Jiu has high flow rate from spring to autumn, except however during the summer drought when Jiu turns into a mountain river used and boat rafting must often be carried in the arms of the participants to pass the thresholds low.

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